I can't hear my Hero talking.

You should make sure that:

  • The volume on your device is turned up.
  • The audio stream is not muted. Look for a speaker icon within the Sidekicks app or web console.
  • Your Hero has the Sidekicks app on their device screen and has selected to chat with you.
  • You see the image of their avatar within the chatroom.
  • You gave the mobile app permission to access the device’s microphone. (You can check this in the mobile device’s settings. Scroll down to the Sidekicks app on each mobile device and make sure that you’ve allowed access to the microphone.)

If you still can’t hear your Hero when they’re talking, try exiting your app or refreshing your browser. If this doesn’t work, logout and close the window. Have your Hero exit their app, too. After three minutes, begin a new chat. If the issue persists, please contact support at



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