What do I need for myself?

To coach a chat with your Hero, you need to sign in at using a Chrome browser. Don’t have Chrome? No worries! You can download it here. Also consider bookmarking, so that you can quickly sign in when your Hero wants to chat with their Sidekick. You will also need an iOS device as we are not currently available on Android devices.

If you’re using Sidekicks in a different room than your child, you'll want to have speakers (or headphones) and the volume turned up on your computer so that you can hear your Hero.

On your Hero’s device, make sure that audio is turned on so they can hear the Sidekick and the videos. Make sure the Sidekicks app has access the device's microphone so your Hero can talk back. You would have been prompted for this when you first install the app, but if you want to double-check, go to your phone's Settings and look for the Sidekicks app.

Your Hero will be able to choose a Sidekick to talk with in the app, even if you're not signed in elsewhere as a Coach. To be notified when they want to talk, add your mobile phone number to your Coach profile – we’ll send you a text whenever your Hero is trying to engage in conversation! You can add this information in your dashboard under the “My Profile” tab.

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